Trudeau once again leaves Albertans in the cold as he plans to quadruple the carbon tax

Once again, Justin Trudeau is leaving Albertans in the cold with his plan to quadruple the carbon tax. Meanwhile, Trudeau announced a three-year suspension of the carbon tax on home heating oil that will almost exclusively benefit Atlantic Canadians. This exemption is a desperate attempt by Trudeau to save the electoral fortunes of Atlantic Liberal MPs, as Liberal support in the polls continues to plummet.

Trudeau’s carbon tax exemption has created two classes of taxpayers. It benefits taxpayers in Atlantic Canada to the exclusion of almost everyone else.
This is unfair and discriminatory. And it is an example of Trudeau playing politics at its worst.

Conservatives have called on Trudeau to extend tax fairness to all Canadians. That’s why we introduced a motion calling on the Liberals to axe the tax on all home heating, so that Canadians can keep the heat on this winter.

Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, Liberal MPs voted against our motion. That includes Edmonton-Centre Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault, who has once again sold-out Alberta to Trudeau.

A Poilievre-led Conservative government will not only axe the tax on home heating. We will axe the tax altogether.