RCMP Commissioner blocked from testifying about Trudeau’s obstruction of a criminal investigation

With Justin Trudeau, it’s corruption and cover-up all the time.

Last month, Canadians learned that Trudeau obstructed an RCMP investigation into his potential criminal wrongdoing during the SNC-Lavalin scandal. The RCMP requested documents from Trudeau to pursue their investigation. But Trudeau blocked the RCMP from accessing the documents, hiding behind cabinet confidentiality. As a result, the RCMP was not able to move forward with the investigation.

The RCMP Commissioner was called to testify at the Ethics Committee about Trudeau’s obstruction. However, before the Commissioner could even say a word, Liberal and NDP MPs voted to shut down the meeting.

If Trudeau has nothing hide, why did he order Liberal and NDP MPs to block the testimony of the RCMP Commissioner?

Despite Trudeau’s efforts to cover-up the truth, Conservatives will continue to pursue accountability for his wrongdoing during SNC.

WATCH: Parliamentary Secretary won’t say why RCMP Commissioner was blocked from testifying on SNC.