Statement in HoC – June 5, 2018 – Bill C-75

Mr. Speaker, the Minister of Justice claims that Bill C-75 has nothing to do with sentencing. Bill C-75 makes serious indictable offences prosecutable by way of summary conviction. Therefore, instead of a sentence of up to 10 years if prosecuted by way of summary conviction, the maximum sentence would be two years less a day or as little as a mere fine. That is right, under Bill C-75, a maximum sentence could go from 10 years to two years less a day.

Contrary to the minister’s claims, Bill C-75 has everything to do with sentencing and everything to do with watering down sentences for the most serious of offences. Bill C-75 is a terrible bill for victims, it is a terrible bill for public safety, and it is why Conservatives will work to defeat Bill C-75.

  • Date June 5, 2018
  • Tags House of Commons