Petition- December 8, 2017- A Petition Respecting the Troubling Political Situation in Cambodia

A petition respecting the troubling political situation in Cambodia, where there have been gross human rights violations and an undermining of democracy by Hun Sen’s regime.

The petitioners note that Hun Sen’s regime has been in violation of the Paris agreements by undermining democracy and repeatedly violating human rights. Whereas Canada is a signatory to the Paris agreement, the petitioners call upon Parliament to exert political pressure on the Cambodian government to honour the Paris agreement and the universal declaration of human rights, appeal to the signatory governments of the Paris agreement to address to the current crisis in Cambodia, and the failure of the Cambodian government under Prime Minister Hun Sen to respect human rights and democracy, and to call for international support to monitor election rights, support the national election commission, and support only a free and fair process during the upcoming general elections in 2018.

  • Date December 8, 2017
  • Tags House of Commons