Bill C-10: The Liberal Government’s censorship legislation

    Mr. Speaker, in what countries do the governments control what people post on the Internet and what they can see, and punish content that does not match “the government’s vision”? They are China, Russia and soon to be Canada, because that is precisely what the Liberal government’s Bill C-10 would do. Comments about matching the government’s vision are not those of a Chinese communist official, but of the Minister of Canadian Heritage.
    Former CRTC commissioner, Peter Menzies, has characterized this bill as a full-blown assault on freedom of expression and the foundations of democracy. It is no wonder the Prime Minister has expressed admiration for China’s perfect dictatorship. This bill is Orwellian, it is undemocratic, it is un-Canadian and it must be stopped.
    • Date May 3, 2021
    • Tags House of Commons