Trudeau Liberals Impose Second Carbon Tax

After eight years of Justin Trudeau, life has become less affordable thanks to the Carbon Tax. This tax on everything raises the price of essentials from gas to groceries to home heating.

To make matters worse, as of July 1st, the Liberals have imposed a second Carbon Tax with the coming into effect of the so-called “Clean Fuel Regulations.” According to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, this second Carbon Tax will cost the average Canadian household an extra $573 per year and families in some provinces will face costs as high as $1,157 by 2030. This means that the combined Carbon Taxes will cost the average family up to $4000 each year.

Meanwhile, despite these taxes, the Liberals have not hit a single climate target.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer has also confirmed that the second Carbon Tax will shrink Alberta’s GDP by a larger share than any other province in Canada.

Every day, Albertans are paying the price of failed Liberal policies. As the Liberals talk down to Canadians and continue hiking the cost of everything, everyday Canadians are paying the price. The Liberals are out-of-touch, and Canadians are out of money.

A Conservative government will axe both Carbon Taxes and help Canadians get ahead.

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