Liberals Cover Up Foreign Interference

Since it was revealed that Beijing interfered in the 2019 and 2021 elections, the Liberals have worked to cover up the extent of Beijing’s interference in our democracy.

The Liberals tried to block key witnesses testifying before committee—including Katie Telford, Trudeau’s top advisor.

With the help of the NDP, they have obstructed the production of key documents that would shed light on exactly what Justin Trudeau knew, when he learned about it, and why he failed to act. The Liberals even rejected a motion supported by all opposition parties to call a public inquiry to get to the bottom of foreign interference in our democracy.

Instead, Justin Trudeau appointed David Johnston, a family friend and member of the Beijing-funded Trudeau foundation, to be the “independent” Rapporteur on foreign interference.

In June, David Johnston resigned as the Rapporteur amid controversy surrounding his apparent conflict of interest. Meanwhile, the Liberals continue to stall on calling a public inquiry.

It begs the question: What are the Liberals hiding?

WATCH: Trudeau’s Top Advisor Works to Cover-up Foreign Interference