ArriveScam: Two-person company awarded over $250 MILLION in contracts since 2015 by the Liberals

Earlier this month La Presse reported that since the Liberals took office, GC Strategies—a two-employee company headquartered in a cottage basement—received over $250 million in government contracts, including tens of millions of dollars for the Liberals’ failed ArriveCan app.

Justin Trudeau’s ArriveCan app, which has aptly become known as “ArriveScam”, was wasteful and corrupt. Originally budgeted at $80,000, the app ended up costing taxpayers at least $60 million—$12 million of which may not have even gone to its development. The Auditor General was unable to even determine the total cost of ArriveScam because of what she called “some of the worst financial record-keeping that I’ve seen.

The app was full of glitches, caused chaos at our borders, and wrongly ordered 10,000 healthy Canadians into quarantine.

The RCMP is now investigating senior Canada Border Services Agency officials’ involvement with GC Strategies after the recent Auditor General’s report showed that the contractor selection process was rigged to make it easier for top Trudeau government officials to award the project to GC Strategies. The company was even allowed to create the conditions for a competitive contract, even though the only work they would ever do was sub-contract the project to actual IT firms while raking in millions of taxpayers’ dollars. The same officials that were put in charge of awarding contracts were invited to a whiskey tasting and other luxurious events by none other than their friends at GC Strategies.

Even Justin Trudeau has admitted that it’s “obvious” that the rules weren’t followed when it came to GC Strategies being awarded the ArriveScam contract. And at the Government Operations Committee, senior government officials accused each other of lying about who awarded the disastrous ArriveCan contract to GC Strategies.

The scandal surrounding GC Strategies is more proof of corruption and mismanagement among Trudeau’s top officials. That is why Conservatives have called on the Auditor General to investigate all contracts between the Liberal government and GC Strategies. Conservatives will continue to call for accountability when it comes to Canadians’ tax dollars.