Car theft on the rise after 8 years of Trudeau

Since Justin Trudeau took office 8 years ago, car theft has risen by 34% across the country. In Edmonton, car theft is up by 26% and there are an average of 57 cars stolen per day in Alberta. Even the Liberal Justice Minister had his car stolen for the third time last November.

The costs of stolen cars footed by insurance companies have resulted in Albertans having to pay among the highest auto insurance premiums in Canada. Vehicle replacement costs in Alberta are the second highest in the country.

The rise of car theft under Trudeau’s watch is the result of his failed soft-on-crime Liberal policies. Liberal Bill C-75, which allows repeat offenders to be released on bail within hours of arrest, makes it easier for offenders to re-offend—sometimes even on the same day of their arrest. Some car thieves are even seeing their charges dropped due to enormous court backlogs.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has committed to a common-sense policy to impose mandatory three-year prison sentences for criminals convicted of three car thefts. A Poilievre-led Conservative government will end catch-and-release bail by repealing Bill C-75 and we will invest in the resources that our police services and border agents need to fight car theft.