Liberals ‘no pipelines’ Bill C-69 found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court

Last month, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Liberals ‘no pipelines’ Bill C-69 is unconstitutional. This legislation has been used to attack Canada’s natural resource sector by blocking the construction of critical energy infrastructure projects and politicizing the pipeline approval process.

The Supreme Court ruled that Bill C-69 gives the federal government the unprecedented ability to regulate projects it has absolutely “no jurisdiction to regulate.”

While the Supreme Court’s decision is welcome news, the Trudeau Liberals continue to attack Canada’s energy sector. Bill C-50, the so-called ‘Just Transition Bill’ is Trudeau’s latest attack on Canada’s energy sector. The Bill seeks to “transition” energy sector jobs into “green energy” jobs within five years.

The consequences of Bill C-50 would be disastrous. It could cost 170,000 Canadian energy sector jobs and risk the livelihoods of 2.7 million workers in our energy, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and agriculture sectors. This Bill will also drive away investment and further increase the cost of fuel.

Conservatives will continue to stand-up for our energy sector and jobs by standing against Bill C-50.