Violent Crime Soars Across Canada

Justin Trudeau’s soft-on-crime policies have unleashed an unprecedented wave of crime across Canada.

StatsCan data published in July shows that since 2015, violent crime is up nearly 40% across Canada. Sexual assault cases have risen by 71% in the same timeframe.

In Edmonton, violent firearms offences saw a 97% increase since Trudeau took office.

Trudeau’s Bill C-5 abolished mandatory jail time for many violent criminal offences, including for serious gun crime. Trudeau’s Bill C-75 established catch-and-release bail and has resulted in violent offenders being let loose on our streets while awaiting trial. Last December, an Ontario police officer, Constable Grzegorz Pierzchala, was murdered by a violent career criminal out on bail. The incident prompted all 13 provincial and territorial Premiers to urge Trudeau to reform Canada’s bail system. Despite this, catch-and-release bail remains the policy of the Trudeau government.

After eight years of Justin Trudeau’s soft-on-crime policies, many Canadians don’t feel safe walking down the street or taking public transit. Instead of addressing this crime wave, Trudeau’s new Minister of Justice called it “empirically unlikely” that Canada is becoming less safe. Even for a Liberal, this Minister is hopelessly out of touch. The crime wave that Justin Trudeau caused isn’t imaginary. It’s real. And Canadians are impacted by it every day.

A common-sense Conservative government will repeal Bills C-5 and C-75, ensure that repeat violent offenders remain behind bars while awaiting trial, and reinstate mandatory jail time for violent offences.

We will restore Canadians’ confidence in our criminal justice system, end catch-and-release bail, and bring home safe streets.