Trudeau’s Liberals to increase the Carbon Tax on the backs of Canadians

On April 1st Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is planning to increase the Carbon Tax—which will impact prices on everything from heating to gasoline to food—by nearly 25%. The increase is part of Trudeau’s plan to quadruple the Carbon Tax, raising it to 61 cents/L on gasoline. This comes at a time when everyday Canadians are facing significant cost-of-living challenges in the wake of 40-year high inflation caused by Justin Trudeau’s reckless spending.

Last year, two million people visited a food bank in a single month, and 18% of Canadian families reported experiencing food insecurity. As of December, mortgage costs are up more than 30% and rent continues to rise. Even before the quadrupling of the Carbon Tax, a typical family of four will have to pay $700 more in groceries in 2024 compared to last year.

Justin Trudeau pressured the Senate to gut Bill C-234, a Conservative Bill that would lower food prices for Canadians by saving our farmers $1 billion in Carbon Taxes by creating exemptions on grain drying and other farm operations. Trudeau-appointed Senators amended the Bill to remove these carve-outs. The Bill has returned to the House and Conservatives are fighting to defeat the costly Senate amendments.

Last month, Conservatives put forward a common-sense motion to cancel the Carbon Tax increase. But the Liberals, along with their NDP coalition partner, voted it down, ensuring that Canadians will continue to pay more for groceries during a cost-of-living crisis.

Liberal and NDP MPs are starting to feel the pressure from their constituents who are fed up with these punitive Carbon Taxes that do nothing to help the environment. Now, even some Liberal MPs are starting to oppose the carbon tax.

Conservatives recognize that the best way to protect our environment is through technology, not costly tax increases on the backs of everyday Canadians. A Poilievre-led Conservative government will Axe the Tax for good.